Magnetic Clay Bath - Clear-Out GENERAL Detoxification

A bath formula for general toxin elimination, associated with metals and chemicals in the body which are Methyl Mercury, Lead, Arsenic, Aluminum, and also assists with many of the symptoms associated with metal toxicity like allergies, digestive problems, depression, etc.

See Detoxification: Magnetic Clay Baths for more details.

Each kit is packaged in bulk and will do 10 one cup baths. Contents of each kit: 5 lbs. of clay, 8 pages of graphic, step-by-step instructions (including children's instructions),15 pH strips and chart to check pH level and info for checking the pH. Instructions for taping the tub to protect the tub drains along with a fiberglass screen with wide lid is also included and packet of herb and spice formula.
Magnetic Clay Bath - Clear-Out GENERAL Detoxification
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