Magnetic Clay Bath - ENVIRONMENTAL Detoxification

The herbs/spices enhancing this unique formula help eliminate the toxic and often carcinogenic exposures of daily life. The environmental bath helps to eliminate inorganic chemical residues from caffeine, nicotine, cola, chocolate, as well as food preservatives. It is used to assist in elimination of toxins from vaccinations, some mercury, some lead, pesticides, insecticides, and some chemicals. It assists in the detoxing of environmental pollution.

Autistic children have responded very well with this bath formula. The kit contains instructions for children according to weight and health condition.

See Detoxification: Magnetic Clay Baths for more details.

Each kit is packaged in bulk and will do 10 one cup baths. Children usually use much less than a cup so there would be many more baths in this case. Contents of the kit: 5 lbs of a very special bentonite clay, 8 pages of graphic, step-by-step instructions (including children's instructions), info flyer on pH factor with 15 pH strips, fiberglass screening with flat lid and instructions for taping tub to protect tub drains and an herbal and spice packet for this bath.
Magnetic Clay Bath - ENVIRONMENTAL Detoxification
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