Kelatox Heavy Metal Detox System

Kelatox is a rectal, time released suppository with added anti oxidants that bind and remove harmful heavy metals from your body while supplying added nutrients. Kelatox brand of suppositories use 900 mg of Calcium Disodium EDTA in a Cocoa Butter base with methocel E4M premium USP for a time release effect. Each suppository will dissolve through body heat and gradually spread over the lining of the colon and be absorbed directly into the blood stream in approximately 90-120 minutes.

EDTA is a synthetic amino acid first manufactured in the 1940's that has proven to be the best broad based heavy metal chelator with very few adverse effects. The half life of EDTA is 20-60 minutes and is excreted primarily by the kidneys within 24 hours but may also be excreted through the bowels. Almost none of the EDTA is metabolized. Since the vast majority of the EDTA will be broken down and not utilized while taken orally, the rectal route of administration is very effective. By using suppositories, the EDTA bypasses the gastro-intestinal tract which means very little will be destroyed by the acids and enzymes in the GI tract allowing for a very high utilization rate. Also, by using a suppository a majority of the EDTA will bypass the liver and kidneys on first pass putting less stress on those organs and allowing the EDTA plus anti-oxidants to remain in the body longer giving it a better chance to bind with harmful metals.

Why Suppositories?

DTA is a synthetic amino acid and must be introduced directly into the bloodstream for maximum effectiveness. EDTA when taken orally must pass through the gastro intestinal system where the acid and enzymes in the stomach and intestine will cause the EDTA to break down and not be properly absorbed. This is why EDTA therapy has been more successful when administered by IV over the oral route of administration.

Suppositories provide the same results as the IV without the needle since the EDTA is absorbed by the colon wall and placed directly into the bloodstream just as an IV treatment would. Kelatox suppositories are given at a lower dose than the IV which lowers the risk of complications with liver and kidney function and are safe enough to be given daily, thus increasing the amount of EDTA in the bloodstream at any given moment making the suppository method more effective over time.

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Kelatox Heavy Metal Detox System
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